NOAA triples supercomputing capability to supply extra correct and well timed climate forecasts

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What simply took place? The Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Management (NOAA) in early 2020 introduced plans to refresh its ageing supercomputer community. On Tuesday, the company inaugurated its two new machines in Manassas, Virginia, and Phoenix, Arizona.

The Hewlett Packard Undertaking (HPE) Cray supercomputers, dubbed Dogwood and Cactus, had been named after flowers from their geographic places. Each and every is equipped with 2,560 AMD Epyc Rome 64-core 7742 server CPUs for a blended 327,680 cores that may function at as much as 12.1 petaflops, which is 3 times sooner than NOAA’s earlier setup.

The methods these days rank because the forty ninth and fiftieth quickest computer systems on the earth and are changing Cray and IBM supercomputers positioned in Reston, Virginia, and Orlando, Florida. Coupled with current machines in Tennessee, West Virginia, Mississippi and Colorado, NOAA’s supercomputing capability now sits at 42 petaflops.

For comparability, the quickest supercomputer on the earth is housed on the Oak Ridge Nationwide Laboratory in Tennessee. It’s in a position to a staggering 1.1 exaflops of efficiency with a height of one.69 exaflops.

NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad mentioned extra computing energy will permit them to give you the public with extra detailed climate forecasts additional prematurely. Particularly, NOAA will have the ability to create higher-resolution fashions that higher depict small-scale options reminiscent of thunderstorms and bring extra particular person fashion simulations to quantify fashion simple task.

Q4, NOAA will improve to the USA World Forecast Machine (GFS) and prep a brand new typhoon forecast fashion referred to as Storm Research and Forecast Machine (HAFS) to be used all the way through the 2023 typhoon season.

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