Ron Gilbert Proclaims Go back to Monkey Island

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Symbol by the use of LucasFilm/Devolver Virtual/Horrible Toybox

Let me take you on a short lived voyage to the far away previous. In 1990, over 30 years in the past, LucasArts, the gaming counterpart to George Lucas’s movie corporate, have been the unquestioned kings of point-and-click journey video games. Using their proprietary SCUMM engine, they launched journey classics like Maniac Mansion, Sam & Max Hit the Highway, and naturally, The Secret of Monkey Island. The unique Monkey Island, in addition to its first sequel, used to be written and designed via Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman, and Tim Schafer, however when they all left LucasArts, the following Monkey Island video games have been made with out their assist or blessing.

This week, although, we realized that that’s about to switch. Ron Gilbert introduced on his non-public Twitter this week that a brand spanking new Monkey Island sport, Go back to Monkey Island, is popping out this 12 months after being in top-secret construction since 2020. 

Gilbert and Grossman have each returned to put in writing the tale and discussion and design the puzzles, the unique LucasArts song workforce is returning to put in writing the ranking, and the sport’s protagonist, Guybrush Threepwood, will likely be reprised via his authentic voice actor, Dominic Armato. The sport is being revealed beneath the Lucasfilm banner, with the aid of Devolver Virtual and Gilbert’s personal Horrible Toybox. 

Timeline-wise, Go back to Monkey Island is an instantaneous sequel to Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, although it possibly received’t invalidate any tale beats from The Curse of Monkey Island for many who nonetheless like that sport. It’s most probably fantastic both manner, it’s no longer like this collection takes its continuity particularly severely.

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