Earlier than converting its title to Seagate, the garage massive was once recognized by means of what title?

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Co-founded by means of arduous pressure pioneer Alan Shugart and companions, Seagate Generation was once at the beginning included as Shugart Generation in November 1978 and started operations the next 12 months, which in large part integrated efforts to create a 5.25-inch HDD after foreseeing a increase available in the market.

The corporate’s title was once modified to Seagate in 1979 to steer clear of a lawsuit from a in a similar fashion named Xerox subsidiary, Shugart Buddies, a pc peripheral producer based by means of Shugart in 1973 this is possibly very best recognized for introducing the 5.25-inch “minifloppy” disk pressure.

Shugart/Seagate was once first to marketplace with a 5.25-inch arduous pressure, the micro-Winchester ST-506, which presented a capability of 5MB and was once first bought by means of Virtual Apparatus Company (DEC, received by means of Compaq in 1998).

Garage Generation Company was once based in 1969, enthusiastic about backup garage era and was once bought by means of Solar Microsystems for $4.1 billion in 2005. Maxtor was once a rival HDD maker based in 1982 and bought by means of Seagate in 2006.

As a random apart, every other garage massive and competitor Western Virtual, was once based in 1970 as “Common Virtual,” a maker of MOS take a look at tools.

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