In previous PCs, what used to be the serve as of the “Turbo” button?

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A very long time in the past, non-public computer systems used to have a Turbo button along Energy and Reset. Oftentimes pc instances additionally had a small LED show appearing the CPU’s clock frequency in MHz or appearing “HI” or “LO” to signify the mode the CPU used to be operating at.

This happened after the discharge of the unique Intel 8086 processor that operated at 4.77 MHz. On the time, many tool titles (and particularly video games) had been advanced with a particular system in thoughts and had been tied to the precise clock frequency of the CPU to serve as.

When sooner processors got here out, the tool ran too rapid, so the “Turbo” button used to be presented to decelerate the PC as a compatibility layer so those systems may just run most often. Some computer systems supported keyboard combos Ctrl-Alt-+ / Ctrl-Alt– for switching turbo mode off and on.

The “Turbo” button used to be quite common in 286 and 386 PC clones, much less commonplace in 486 PCs and virtually extinct by the point Pentium processors went mainstream within the past due 90s.

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