Guy tries to smuggle 160 CPUs and 16 folding telephones via customs via taping them to his frame

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WTF?! It sort of feels many of us are keen to chance fines and even jail to steer clear of paying Chinese language import taxes on tech items. After the rustic’s government seized a cargo of hundreds of XFX GPUs, a person was once stuck via customs in a separate incident smuggling 160 CPUs and 16 folding smartphones via attaching them to his frame.

As reported via MyDrivers (by way of VideoCardz), a person named Zeng entered China on March 9 via customs’ Not anything To Claim channel on the trip inspection web page of Gongbei Port. Officers spotted he was once strolling with an abnormal posture and stopped him for inspection.

It became out that the person had taped 160 CPUs and 16 folding telephones to the interior facet of his calf, his waist, and his stomach, which might give somebody an abnormal gait.

Courtesy of the China Customs Workplace

The processors in query have been basically from Intel’s Eleventh-gen Rocket Lake and 12-gen Alder Lake sequence; one of the most photographs from the China Customs Workplace presentations a Core i5-12600KF. The ones on my own would succeed in a worth of tens of hundreds of greenbacks, however he was once additionally concealing 16 folding telephones. No phrase their makes and fashions, however the ones within the photograph appear to be Samsung Z Turn 3 units, costing $900 every.

This is not the primary time smugglers have connected CPUs to their our bodies to steer clear of paying taxes. On June 16, 2021, Hong Kong customs officers discovered a driving force and a passenger appearing suspiciously. It transpired that they’d connected 256 Intel Core i7-10700 and Core i9-10900K processors, price 800,000 yuan or $123,000, to their calves and torsos the usage of grasp movie (beneath).

The inside track comes quickly after studies of Chinese language government seizing a cargo of XFX GPUs price round $3.15 million at a port at the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen that have been purposely mislabeled.

Whilst attaching digital pieces to 1’s frame turns out a great way to draw consideration, it is potentially more uncomplicated and extra relaxed than striking 160 CPUs and 16 telephones within the frame’s extra conventional smuggling hollow space.

Masthead: Renato Marques

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